1. You only missed my voice
    when nobody else called you.
    — Y.Z, A ten word story on being a second choice (via mcqueencat)

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  2. unclefather:

    honey boo boo looks like an angry bridge troll

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  6. my-sexual-world:


    Just like a big cat…always thinks they own the place.

    what the hell i want one 

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  8. strong-but-breakable:

    Kittys are the best thing in the entire world

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  9. myheartbeatsforhummus:

    This post is eveeeeeeeerything

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  11. slaughteroftheweeaboos:

    ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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  12. mekhismind:


    Protect me from what I want

    Barbara Kruger. Always.

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  13. michaeldonovan:

    Stoya on the street


  14. the-overcoat:



    dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

    so much cute. I cannot. I cannot even.

    Best two minutes and fifty three seconds of my day so far 

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  15. avantgarterbelt:

    My mom kept everything she’s found in the washing machine the past ten years and made it into an art piece. It’s basically an awesome portrait of what it’s like for two girls growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s.

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